Keeping a BACE Diary

Keeping a BACE Diary

Using a BACE Diary to Monitor Mental Health

Well-being and mental health are not just the result of mental events that happen purely in our minds, modern clinical psychology and psychiatry in the UK tends to view things through psych, social, and bio lenses. These three elements are equally important, but one may be more important than the others at different times in our lives.

Keeping an eye on how healthy we are in each of these domains and as a whole is quite difficult as we are often busy just getting on with our lives and don't take much time to reflect on how we are spending our weeks, months or years.

Body care (B)
Achievement (A)
Connecting with others (C)
Enjoyment (E)

Print off or copy the diary sheet below and monitor your activities:

Body Care: Calorie intake, alcohol units, drug ingestion, exercise includes steps, miles jogged, time spent in gym.

Achievement: Work achievements, studying, making progression in professional/academic areas of your life, professional development (includes reading books.)

Connecting with others: Seeking out people and enjoying company. Family, friends, colleagues

Enjoyment: There may be some overlap with other areas here, but this is more focused on play, fun or pleasure. For example, playing sports at weekends, or after work can be fun and it can also help us connect with others, and provide a sense of achievement as well as helping to achieve fitness goals.

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Keeping a BACE Diary