24/7 access to psychological therapy

Outreach therapy treatment programmes

For some individuals who have the financial means and the need for more intensive mental healthcare provision, we offer an outreach programme that offers bespoke treatment plans for depression, anxiety and addictions to name but a few.

These treatment plans often take place over 4-8 weeks and can take place remotely, at the patient's home or in high end luxury accommodation.

These programmes are highly confidential (unlike some more well known mental health clinics where there is a great deal of emphasis on group work). This is ideal for high net worth or high profile individuals who want to keep their private life just that....private.

We take a 360 degree approach, employing a combination of psychotherapy, psychiatry input for medication and medical check ups. We also look at nutrition, exercise and holistic life style factors in designing a programme.

Programme start at £10,000 per week, please email us confidentially to find out more information and enquire about us putting together a bespoke programme for you.

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