Executive Coaching using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

Executive Coaching using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

At our practice we have developed a programme for senior executives that brings together the discipline of coaching with the concepts and methods of cognitive behavioural psychology. The approach works on the premise of the triad model of human beings, that is cognitions (thoughts) affect emotions which in turn, affects behaviour (output).

We help support you with achieving life and work based goals and becoming the person you aspire to be. We focus on what elements of your beliefs and conditional assumptions are hindering or facilitating the achievement of those goals. We then support you in challenging these beliefs and assumptions and developing new ones that are more congruent with your success and well-being.

The programme includes the following modules:

1. Introducing the Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Model and setting realistic objectives.
2. Identification of cognitive biases and their impact.
3. Developing skills of meta cognition (ability to identify conscious and unconscious thoughts).
4. Challenging negative thoughts and developing more productive ones.
5. Identification for core beliefs/conditional assumptions and development of more useful ones.
6. Using the approach to improve relationships at work.
7. Overcoming obstacles and building resilience at work.
8. Achieving a healthy work-life balance.

The programme is designed to take place over 8 weeks.

For more information and fees, please contact us via the contact us page on the website.