The London Psychologist Clinic

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Tel. 07916 293 807


West End Clinic:


Bristol House

80A Southampton Row





City Clinic:


Longcroft House

2-8 Victoria Avenue




St Albans Clinic:


16 Chequers Street

St Albans



Our Approach

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The first thing you will find with LPC is that we take time to establish what we call "a psychological formulation". In simple terms, this is basically establishing a reliable collection of hypotheses based on evidence from your reported experience and how you come across when face to face. We share this with you as we then go about clarifying the presenting problems/difficulties and setting therapeutic goals.


We differentiate ourselves from other psychotherapy practices as we are psychologists. Therefore we are scientist-practitioners, this means in practice, we use established, well-researched treatment approaches and often take before and after measures to monitor the effectiveness of the interventions.


The length of therapy on offer varies depending on the type of problem or diagnosis. It also depends on the severity and duration of the difficulties experienced. For anxiety disorders e.g. OCD, phobias, social anxiety the treatment can go from 6-20 sessions. For longer standing disorders that may be diagnosed as personality disorders, the duration can be longer, going on for 1-2 years. An estimate of the number of sessions that is likely to be required will be given after an initial assessment.


In short we believe in a collaborative approach, that is transparent and tailored to you.


We also work with consultant psychiatrists and can offer assessments for medication reviews.


For questions about group therapy please visit our partner site:

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come    forth later in uglier ways.”

― Sigmund Freud